Use Case

Static 720 degrees camera based Traffic Monitoring

Cameras are more and more deployed towards improved traffic monitoring and traffic control systems, both for regular road traffic, as well as airport and harbor traffic monitoring. Existing systems target the detection of vehicles and bikes, as well as the notification of incidents. They rely on optical or thermal cameras, where multiple cameras can be distributed across a traffic scene to get a more complete coverage. Such systems however struggle to

- get an omnidirectional awareness from the combination of these cameras

- track movements of a vehicle across the complete traffic scene (requiring camera-handover)

- do accurate detection from 2D visual or thermal inputs. The former problems are resolved by installing more cameras across the intersection to monitor, albeit at significantly increased installation and maintenance cost.

The latter problem is mitigated by extracting motion information from the images, to increase detection accuracy.

OmniDrone will allow going one step beyond these state-of-the-art systems, bringing even better accuracy by exploiting depth information and omnidirectional awareness, exploiting the 720 degree camera setup. Beyond the static system, developed in the first phase of OmniDrone, also its mounting on UAV technology is of extreme relevance to traffic monitoring: the useage of (non-depth aware) camera-equipped UAVs are increasingly projected in advanced traffic monitoring scenarios. OmniDrone will lead the way towards reliable, 360 depth aware traffic monitoring systems, both on the ground as well as in the air.


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