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2nd annual meeting

The second annual OmniDrone meeting took place in Leuven.

The event started with a 2-hours tutorial on the wireless communications with UAVs given by Evgenii (Genia) Vinogradov, Hazem Sallouha and Mahdi Azari (all from KU Leuven - ESAT, Networked Systems Group).

After lunch, the researchers involved in the project reported our progress (see the agenda below), moreover, PSI and EAVISE presented the localization and detection demos, respectively!

The detailed agenda:

Registration and Lunch

  • 13h00 Introduction (Genia Vinogradov)

  • 13h25 Towards lightweight 720 degrees camera (Sammy Rogmans)

  • 13h40 Towards autonomous UAV (Tinne Tuytelaars)

  • 13h55 Towards fast processing on drone (Toon Goedeme)

Demos and coffee-break

  • 14h50 Legal aspects (Ivo Emanuilov)

  • 15h05 Towards reliable communications (Genia Vinogradov)

  • 15h20 Towards OmniDrone hardware (Marian Verhelst)

  • 15h35 Traffic monitoring use-case (Marian Verhelst)

The OmniDrone team would like to thank all attendees for the participation and valuable discussions!

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