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Kick-off meeting

The OmniDrone project takes a flying start on July 1st, 2017. A kick-off event is organized for all members of the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) and all members of the Valorization Board (VB). This event consists of a series of presentations explaining the project’s goals, planned research and timeline. Subsequently, break-out sessions are organized, where focused discussion in smaller groups allow a direct interaction between the IAC and VB members, and the researchers. This will allow us to dive deeper into the technicalities, and include IAC and VB feedback into the project in an early phase. The event is closed with a drink allowing informal networking between the IAC, VB and project partners. Please register if you plan to attend. Location: Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, 3001 Heverlee. Registration and welcome takes place in room on the 5th floor of the new ESAT building, the boardroom. Agenda: • 12u30: 5th floor Registration and coffee + lunch • 13u00-14u30: Introduction OmniDrone • 13u00: Presentation: OmniDrone introduction and overview (Sofie Pollin) • 13u25: Presentation: 720 degree ambition (Sammy Rogmans) • 13u35: Presentation: autonomy ambition (Tinne Tuytelaars) • 13u45: Presentation: fast processing ambition (Toon Goedeme) • 13u55: Presentation: hardware ambition (Marian Verhelst) • 14u05: Presentation: reliable communication ambition (Sofie Pollin) • 14u15: Presentation: legal aspects (Anton Vedder) • 15u00-17u: Valorisation and IAC • 15u00: SBO valorization demystified and OmniDrone Strategy (Greet Bilsen) • 15u20: OmniDrone IAC and VB round table (short intro + main interest) • 16u20: Traffic monitoring (Lead: Marian Verhelst) • 16u30: Video broadcasting (Lead: Greet Bilsen) • 16u40: Inspection (Lead: Sammy Rogmans) • 16u50: Surveillance (Lead: Toon Goedeme) • 17u: 5th floor Informal drink

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