Use Case

Industrial Inspection

Industrial inspection is a domain with great potential for UAVsā€“think e.g. of a high chimney or piping that is not easily accessible for people unless scaffolds are built. UAVs are only starting to be used for such tasks. In the future, building on OmniDrone solutions, UAVs could do this inspection (semi-)autonomously on a regular basis at low cost. This will result in more regular inspections and hence better maintenance of such structures.

In the context of agriculture, remote controlled helicopters have been used for spraying rice crops in Japan for more than 20 years, but are only now being tested in the west. UAVs can direct their spray precisely and fly over the crops as many times as required, something that is not always possible for a farmer hiring the services of a crop-duster. Again, OmniDrone technology will allow for realtime processing, reduced costs, increased flight times and intuitive interfacing thanks to a high level of autonomy.


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