Use Case

Drones in broadcasting

In the context of professional aerial broadcasting, photography and cinematography, typically Heavy Lift Drones are utilized, often capable of carrying payloads up to 8 kg.


The ones used for professional aerial video are typically equipped with a servomotors-driven frame. The rotary actuators make
sure that the expensive broadcast or cinematographic camera can pan and tilt in a 360 degree manner. The reason for this approach is to allow camera movements which are not feasible by the drone itself, either due to the physical rotary displacement or due to the speed of the required movement. These mechanically advanced systems need to be balanced properly and are quite expensive and very heavy. Note that fixed-wing UAVs, typically flying at higher altitudes and higher speeds, fall outside the scope of this project. Drones for professional video or photography are typically operated by two persons: one that flies the drone and another that operates the camera system.


Within OmniDrone, we will be able to pilot and record on multiple UAVs by only a single modestly skilled operator.


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