1st newsletter

We are happy to give you our first newsletter. Since the kick-off meeting in June, 17, we have of course not been sitting still. We are proud to give you a first update of the progress we made so far. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and, as always, we are open for all feedback. Our first focus in this project is on the use of the static 360-degree depth capturing platform that will be developed during the first 24 months of the project and will be capable of at real-time extracting omnidirectional depth maps in a traffic monitoring context. The OmniDrone team The ESAT TELEMIC group combines all expertise needed for the modeling, design and measurement of the next generation wirele

2nd annual meeting: the 17th of September

The OmniDrone project ramped up in June 2017 with a kick-off event, where many of IAC and VB members were present. We enjoyed presenting our project ideas to you, and especially valued the discussions and your feedback that we received. This was a good event and we are looking forward to meet you during our next annual meeting on the 17th of September. Please, save the date! The OmniDrone team


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